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Incuse Indian tag necklace | the past week has been a heavy one for my brother and sister in law, as well as our family. A week ago they gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy that I soon get to call my nephew. However, their baby boy Lyle has been having some complications and was recently tested positive for MSUD - a rare 1 in 200,000 disease where amino acids can't be broken down properly. This opens up a whole new world for his parents - for the future, and for right now.
People have come together and created a GoFundMe to raise funds for them to be able to be stable, and help out with unknown costs that this might hold for them as they are currently stationed at a third hospital - but we would like to extend this offer to strangers through a limited released product where we will be donating 100% of the profits towards the family. The necklace is solely for Lyle, his needs, and any sort of hospital cost, or accommodations the family is having to make. The child's father, Brandon, originally gave me the idea for our one of a kind tag necklaces - and it ended up being something that is a best seller on our website; so we want to release this necklace with his spirit and Lyle in mind.